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Avon Family Vacation Portraits, Cape Hatteras Photographer

August 12, 2020 I met the Winters family from Abington,Pennsylvania at the Avon Fishing Pier for their family sunset portraits. It was a beautiful evening on the island.

Every year the Winters family chooses a destination to gather for a week.  This year, they were thrilled to visit Avon, NC in the Outer Banks.   They had planned their trip pre- COVID and we were thankful that the island opened back up in time for their vacation. 

“It seemed providential that we chose a place where we could easily social distance from other families on the beach.  We had a great week, riding waves, building sand castles, swimming in the pool and just taking in the beauty of God’s creation. Our family was able to get away from the every day grind and the distractions of COVID and just enjoy our time together as family.  Honestly, this vacation felt like any other vacation, filled with love and laughter, however it was more special, because after quarantine I think you realize the importance of relationships, family bonds and the value of living life to the fullest.  These beautiful pictures will remind us of God”s faithfulness and how we lived even during the tough times,” expressed Jessica. Scroll down for a few adorable frames.

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