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Mermaid Themed Family Portraits, Cape Hatteras Photographer

August 11, 2020 at sunset I met the Sarnowski family from Missouri at the Old Lighthouse beach before sunset. Four year old Elanor and her mom came prepared for the Little Mermaid themed mom and daughter portraits. Mom was dressed to represent Ursula from the classic Disney movie and sweet Elanor was dressed in several mermaid costumes her mom had custom made from Etsy. Grandma came along for the girls trip and helped with the wardrobe changes. I had the best evening capturing sweet Elanor’s personality and expressions.

Eleanor is full if wonder and grace!!!! She loves unicorns, and mermaids, and rainbows and magic. Her favorite by far is the mermaid!!!! “Her world is magical to her and as her mother I will do all I can to help her hold on to that magic for as long as possible, hopefully forever.”

“This was a special trip as she got to spend time with her Nana in a special place (outer banks where her Nana got Engaged) for her very first trip to the beach and the to see the ocean.  Although this was her first time to see a real beach and the ocean, she loves the sand and has been obsessed for at least the last 3 years. As long as she could talk really.    A natural born mermaid.  It’s like God picked her from the depths of the ocean and brought her to me!!! She is a real pearl.  She definitely lived her former life as a mermaid!   She is amazed by all things ocean, sand, fish, beach, sea shells and mermaids.  That and her momma was born on the west coast and her Nana on the east coast.  I have always felt a special connection to the ocean and the beach so she comes by it naturally for sure!!! The dress was hand made and custom designed for my little mermaid. I went over design with the lady who hand made each detail in January.  I gave it to her on her 4th Birthday this May.  I could just go on and on about how amazing my sweet little mermaid is,” gushed mom Thalena. “Face masks aside, our vacation was one we will always remember. Really things are pretty much the same on Hatteras Island as they are back home in Missouri. We social distance, practice good hand hygiene and wear our “face coverings” when out and about and say our prayers. We have been blessed to stay happy and healthy during these very uncertain times.”

Scroll down for a few adorable frames with mermaid Elanor and her mom and grandma.

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