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Epic Sunrise Family Portraits, Hatteras Island Photographer

August 11, 2020 I watched an amazing island sunrise in Salvo, NC, with the beautiful Ghiardi family from western Pennsylvania. When we first arrived the the beach it looked as if the storm clouds were chasing us from the sound as we heard thunder in the distance. During our session the clouds flowed over us and across the ocean as the sun came up over the ocean.

Their 2020 family vacation was a little different than prior years due to the pandemic. Although COVID regulations were the same back home, as they were on the island.

“It first felt strange in a big house knowing another family of strangers had just been there. For the first couple days we all felt like we had to wash our hands after touching anything in the house. Our concerns with COVID and having babies caused us not to eat at a seafood buffet. We limited shopping and eating out to stay away from groups of people. We enjoyed most of the time at the house and around the pool with all the kiddos. Having 2 babies on opposite sleep schedules made it challenging to all go to the beach together so we are so thankful to have captured these moments at sunrise together” shared (mom) Jessica. Scroll down for more than a few adorable frames with the Ghiradi’s.

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