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Cape Hatteras Senior Portraits, Hatteras Island Photographer

July 2, 2020 I met the Taylor family at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse for their daughter Alivia’s senior portraits. The skyline was vibrant and beautiful to capture such an elegant subject.

Alivia is a senior who resides in Bristow, Virginia.  She hopes to attend college to study Psychology-specifically Child Psychology-and eventually obtain a Master’s Degree. 

Alivia is a dancer.  She’s been dancing for over 10 years.  She dances for Spotlight Dance Company and their competition team, where she also teaches two Hip Hop classes of her own.  She dances for her high school team and has also coached at the middle school level.  

Visiting Hatteras Island is Alivia and her mom’s favorite time of year.  Together, they stay for two weeks-enjoying the slow-paced life, beach, marina, going to the shops around the area, trying new restaurants and venturing to Ocracoke Island.  They had plans to come in April of 2020, but their short trip was canceled due to the pandemic.  As summer became closer, they worried the island wouldn’t be open to visitors and they wouldn’t make it for their annual girl’s trip. That was a devastating thought-especially since Alivia (among many other teens) had missed out on many things-Prom, dance competitions, the end of Junior year, etc. 

Thankfully, they were still able to travel to Hatteras Island, where the weather was glorious-as it only rained one day out of fifteen.  Alivia and her mom enjoyed everything they love about the island and were so thankful to be there.  As always, the business owners were welcoming and so kind.  “It’s truly a special place and feels like home to us.”  ~The Taylor’s

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