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Avon Pier Family Portraits, Cape Hatteras Family Photographer

On June 28, 2020 I met the Purdy family from Ohio at the Avon Fishing Pier for their sunset family portraits. Having vacationed in Southern Shores prior to marriage and children, this year coming back to the Outer Banks was just what their family needed.

In 2013 Mr. and Mrs. Purdy had what they called a ” midlife” crisis, they both went back to college and changed career paths.  Little did they know that they would encounter a series of unfortunate events for several years following. Ultimately preventing them from taking a day trip, let alone a much needed vacation.  By the time some of the fog cleared and they were able to plan a vacation in 2018, mom Crystal knew sea salt, sand, relaxation and fun in the sun, was just what her family needed.  Although she worried about how the kids would do with the long drive, and her husband was not a beach guy. She knew once they arrived to the magical sandbar they would be sold.

Thankfully she was right, they could not wait for their 2020 vacation. There is more to why the Outer Banks is special to the Purdy family. For their daughter, it is the calming pull of the ocean and being commitment free. Their son it is the hours of endless uninhibited time exploring the waves and sand. Time the family so preciously needed. A family who never seems to slow down, until they start a fire on the beach, breathe the fresh ocean air and relax while taking in yet another picturesque sunset together. Scroll down for a few fun frames with the Purdy family.