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Skate Session with Garrett McNamara featuring his daughter Theia at the Venice Skate Park

December 10, 2019 I was invited by Juice Magazine to document a skate session with big wave surfer/legend Garrett McNamara and his one and a half year old daughter Theia at the Venice Skate Park. His good friend, legend Jeff HO and professional skater Mason Silva were also present. It is a tradition for Garrett to bring his kids to Venice to roll in to the skate park with Jeff HO, Zephyr skate team founder of the Z-boys.

Garrett is known for finding the wave Nazaré, and for breaking the world record for largest wave ever surfed at Nazaré, Portugal, and for riding a tsunami from calving glaciers in Alaska.

A hardcore waterman turned soft at the skate park with his one and a half year old daughter Theia, as he pushed her around the Venice bowl. Just like her dad and brother Barrel, Theia is destined to be a skater/surfer. She already has incredible balance and style.

Garrett and Jeff are long time friends. Jeff formed the Zephyr Surf Team, made up of local surfers who frequented the Pacific Ocean Park in the run-down area of Dogtown. Jeff later formed the Zephyr Skate Team, which became widely known as Z-Boys. Jeff was one of the earliest skate team founders to endorse girls skateboarding, by including Peggy Oki on the Zephyr competition team. Peggy went on to be the only Z-Boy to place first in the famous Del Mar Nationals skate contest back in the day. Peggy has gone on to become a pivotal environmentalist and activist.

Both Jeff and Garrett are legendary in the surf/skate scene. The Venice Skate Park is located in front of the local surf break, Venice Breakwater and next to the Venice Pavilion Art Walls with what is left of one of the epicenters for the birthplace of modern day skateboarding. Theia is lucky to have such an inspiring group of men to look up to. Scroll down for a few fun frames with Theia and her dad in Venice Beach, California.

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