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Cape Hatteras Surprise Proposal, Dalmatian Puppy, Outer Banks Photographer

October 17, 2019 I documented Eric’s surprise proposal to Alyssa just before sunset in Avon, NC. Eric and Alyssa met in 7th grade. A typical middle school relationship. Starting a relationship so young had it’s challenges but overall created an amazing and irreplaceable bond. The pair has grown up together, walking side by side through some of the best and worst moments of their lives. Eric stated “she is the most caring, loving, and empathic person that I know. I am extremely lucky to have fallen in love with my best friend and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. I know that I can handle anything that life throws at me because I will have her by my side.”

Eric wanted to make the engagement special and started planning last spring. Before he dated Alyssa his family owned a house on the Outer Banks. Alyssa knew how much he loved the Outer Banks and wished his parents still had their house here. He decided to rent a house in Avon and invite all of their friends. They have a really special group of friends and he knew she would want to celebrate their engagement.

The couple brought their sweet Dalmatian puppy, Theo, for their weekend getaway. He came into their life a couple of weeks before the engagement. Alyssa always wanted a Dalmatian, although they both previously discussed their first dog would likely be a Lab or a Golden Retriever. Eric knew he wanted her first dog to be a Dalmatian. Theo was supposed to be part of the engagement surprise but came earlier than expected so he was their for their special moment. Scroll down for a few sweet frames with Eric and Alyssa and their sweet baby pup Theo:

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