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Hurricane Dorian, Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Outer Banks Documentary Photographer

September 6, 2019 Wind dropped out after the eye went over Hatteras Island between 8-9:30am. The Pamlico sound completely dried out. The channel where the boats go was dry as a bone. Fat back fish were trying to find water.  The wind switched and forced all the water back into the sound across route 12 onto the ocean side streets. I have owned my house for 6 years and have never seen the sound flood up to my house. Hurricane Dorian brought the Pamlico Sound rushing down Sailfish Lane and filled my downstairs with knee deep water. The island lost power and cell service and internet by 10am. Around 12:10pm the water started receding. This is the worst hurricane I have experienced on the island. Scroll down for some devastating images of Hurricane Dorian and the aftermath on September 7, 2019:


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