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Fine Art Resin Photo Prints, Outer Banks Photographer

I have been creating fine art resin prints of my images. The idea has been in the back of my mind for a few years now. I am finally getting some prints ready to sell. So excited for the latest epoxy resin prints. Similar to the idea of glassing a surfboard with epoxy resin. This is an epoxy pour of two 20×30 lustre prints from White House Custom Colour mounted on handmade wood canvas’, custom made by Pat O’Neal.

One of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse from the ocean and one of the Frisco Pier at sunset. I love the high gloss epoxy resin from ArtResin, nontoxic with little odor so I can work inside my home. The epoxy enhances the colors on the canvas to represent the full image color and quality. Also protects the image for years to come. I will be sharing a link to the resin print shop soon with several different images and sizes to choose from. What do you think of these prints?

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