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Virginia International Raceway Wedding, Wedding Photographer

November 23, 2018 I drove to Alton, Virginia to document Dana and Craig’s wedding weekend at the Virginia International Raceway.  I met the couple during Craig’s surprise proposal to Dana at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in March earlier this year.  IF you missed it you can check out Craig’s Proposal to Dana, Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

November 24, 2018 they did not let the rain ruin their special day.  Surrounded by their bridal party, best friends and family they pronounced their love and commitment to one another.  Dana and Craig went to Virginia Tech and are both huge VT Hokie fans. Virginia Tech mascot, the Hokie bird even made a surprise appearance to walk Dana down the aisle. Dana’s something borrowed was her sister’s wedding dress and it fit her like a glove.

They chose to have their wedding at one of their favorite places, Virginia International Raceway. Both Dana and Craig are race car drivers in their past time and have their own race cars. They both enjoy high speed and lots of horsepower.  Their wedding day was unique and magical. From the  Virginia Tech color scheme to the automotive theme.

After years of bumping shoulders at college and strangers across the room, fate had its way and introduced Dana and Craig to one another hundreds of miles from home. It didn’t take much, but after the first encounter they were inseparable.

Most fresh relationships are fragile, without much to lean on. However, life challenged them and their ability to support one another from the start. Their relationship knows and has known tragedies. Early on, Craig lost his mother. Dana was his support and a comforting foundation to trust and confide in. Not long after, Dana lost her father. And not long after that, Craig’s father passed. Life was never fair, but they made it a point to take care and love one another through it all. Let the truth be told, they have never had a break or a vacation of any sort together until their trip to Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Each day has been work, more tiresome than its predecessor. The only promise the clock has given them is that they will continue to be there for one another.

“There have been many cloudy days in our time together, but like the ship searching for light as it approaches the shore we’ve found guidance and clarity, together. Without her, I’d still be lost at sea. She’s been my lighthouse and will continue to be.” ~ Craig.

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