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Surfers Rescue Razorbill Bird at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Outer Banks Photographer

Remember Dallas Tolson from my last blog post? Today he and fellow local surfer Brett Barley helped rescue a Razorbill bird from the ocean. As I was taking photos of the surf, I see Dallas through my lens playing with the bird in the water, I was puzzled the bird was letting him get so close. It was as if the bird was asking for help, and Dallas was able to pick him up and put him on a wave to ride to shore. The bird rode the wave to shore and Brett Barley picked him up with his gloves and moved him out of the shore break.

Lou Browning is the man to call for wildlife rehabilitation on Hatteras Island. I called Lou he came right out to the Old Lighthouse Beach to pick the bird up to take it in for rehabilitation. I asked Lou what he was going to do with the bird. He said he just rescued another one that had the same bite injury to it’s leg, the bird would have to make it through anesthesia to sew the leg back together, and hope it starts eating on it’s own, so it can possibly be released offshore at some point in the next two weeks. Visit Hatteras Island there is always something to see!

Check out the story Jetty Posted this awesome story:

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