Cape Hatteras Lighthouse · Sunset · Wedding

Lighthouse Sunset Wedding, Buxton, Hatteras Island, North Carolina

August 15, 2017 I photographed Erin and Dieter’s intimate wedding ceremony at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Bonnie Williams of Hatteras Wedding Ministries married the couple under the magical island sky.

Erin and Dieter are a picturesque example of a success story.  They initially met online–a new and weird experience for both of them–so after about two weeks of emailing they decided to meet at a local mall.  Instead of an awkward first-meeting, the afternoon turned into hours of walking, laughing, chatting about life, work, family history, personal philosophies, goals for the future…everything.  It was a refreshing feeling for them both to comfortably talk with someone like minded.

They continued to see one another every weekend and at one point, after stopping at a Target, Erin asked if they could wait in the car to spy on a couple struggling in the parking lot with an enormous TV that was obviously far too big to fit in their car.  It’s goofy moments like that, when thinking back on it, Dieter says he knew he was hooked!  Their relationship continued to grow and quickly became almost inseparable.

They are both beach-goers and Dieter would always tell her how beautiful the Outer Banks is, as it was one of his favorite vacation spots. Years later they finally were able to visit the island together. Dieter decided the top of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse would be the perfect time and place to propose. They climbed to the top of the lighthouse and just as he was about to propose with the ring in his hand, Erin actually looked down over the railing and said, “This would be a beautiful place for a wedding!”  Naturally this gave him the perfect segue so when she turned back to him, he was already on one knee.  Fast forward two years and they were back at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse for their wedding!

Although, the events leading up to the wedding were stressful.  Erin chose her dress almost a year in advance and waited almost six months for Alfred Angelo to finish it.  She was nervous about dropping it back off for the alterations only six weeks before the wedding.  Unfortunately, a few weeks later they found out from a friend of theirs, Alfred Angelo filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and locked all their doors with everyone’s dresses inside-with zero warning to their customers. After Erin suffered about twelve hours of panic, the seamstress called and said she managed to grab several customer’s dresses including hers just before the doors were locked for good.  Even though they had already paid for the alterations, AA pocketed the money so they had to pay the seamstress money to finish the alterations to her wedding dress.

Just a few weeks before their wedding, the island wide power outage occurred due to the contractors of the new Bonner Bridge severing the electric lines to the island causing the island wide evacuation of all visitors with no date as to when the island would reopen to visitors. The couple did not have a backup plan so they crossed their fingers and hoped for the best. Fortunately, everything worked out in the end. Scroll down for a few frames of Erin and Dieter’s beautiful wedding at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

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