Vow Renewal · Wedding · Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Vow Renewal, Coquina Beach and Bodie Island Lighthouse, Nags Head, North Carolina

On August 1, 2017 I documented Kimberly and David’s dream wedding on Coquina Beach in Nags Head, North Carolina. The couple had an intimate vow renewal ceremony after 17 years of marriage, with their three children by their side. Kimberly designed all of flower pieces, hair pieces and boutonnières. The colors of their clothing and decor matched the island skyline perfectly.  Even a few people riding horses on the beach to make for the most magical evening. Just before dark we headed nearby to the Bodie Island Lighthouse for a few images.

Seventeen years ago David and Kimberly married although they could not afford their dream beach wedding in Avon, NC. They decided to plan their beach wedding in 2013 for their 13th wedding Anniversary. However Kimberly is a Philadelphia Police Officer and while responding to an emergency call of robbery in progress, lights and sirens, all traffic stopped at a major intersection, a vehicle T-boned her police car forcing her car head on into a utility pole. She has had several surgeries on her back and knee, a major concussion and PTSD.  She was told she would never return to work.  She went through two and a half years of physical and psychological therapy before she was able to return back to work.

David had to take off work without pay to take care of her until she recovered. Causing a financial strain and they could no longer have their dream wedding in 2013. In 2016 they decided to try again and save and have their wedding as they always dreamed. In March of 2017 Kimberly was wedding planning online and found Barbara Mulford a wedding officiant from Kill Devil Hills. Barbara was offering a contest, couples could enter their love story for a chance to win a free wedding ceremony.  After feeling down on her luck after all she had been through, Kimberly thought “why not?” On July 1st, 2017 they found out they won and were overjoyed with emotion. They started planning the vow renewal ceremony right away.

On July 29th, three days before their wedding ceremony the island was under a mandatory evacuation for all visitors due to the island wide power outage.   Emotions ran high as they could not believe another obstacle would stand in the way of their dream wedding.  Luckily they found a hotel in Nags Head for a few days and Barbara and I agreed to change the location off the island, to make their wedding dreams come true. Kimberly said, “It may have only been us and our three children, but is was the most beautiful wedding I could ever dreamed of.”  Please scroll down for a few frames of Kimberly and David’s dream wedding day.

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