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Cape Point Sunset, July 30, 2017, Buxton, Hatteras Island, North Carolina, Power Outage 2017, Mandatory Evacuation, Locals Only

“It’s a cruel and random world, but the chaos is all so beautiful.”
Hiromu Arakawa

Today July 30, 2017 was quite unusual on Hatteras Island. A north east wind was blowing at 20 mph with 70 degree temperatures. It is rare to see fall like weather this early in the summer. The mandatory evacuation for all visitors is still in place due to the power outage caused by the Bonner Bridge Contractors until further notice. When I left my house and turned onto route 12 there was not a car in sight and the only cars I passed were locals only. Prime summer season and I was able to have an adventure all to myself for hours. I saw several deer and tons of wildlife as I drove on the beach from Buxton to Frisco. Although, this power outage is taking it’s toll on the islanders and all the people working hard to get the power lines fixed, there is always beauty among the chaos. The sunset was quite moody like you see in late fall. The sea oats were blowing in the wind. Scroll down for a few frames of my Sunday sunset adventure on Cape Hatteras National Seashore.


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