Engagement · Proposal

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Sunrise Proposal

Congratulation’s to Samantha and Gabe on their engagement. The morning of our session, I checked the weather at 4am to see if we were going to be able to meet at sunrise as planned. When I went to bed the evening before, storms were on the radar in Buxton. Fortunately, we lucked out and were granted a picturesque romantic surprise proposal/engagement session. The sea oats are blooming and created a dramatic dreamy beach-field look. Their reactions to the proposal were priceless and love shined bright as the morning sunshine over the ocean.

Gabe and Samantha met through Gabe’s mom. Samantha went to Greece with a women who she never dreamed would be her mother in-law to be. She introduced Samantha to her son Gabe. Gabe and Samantha were going to Utah State University and became friends. A few months later they both moved to Salt Lake City unaware the other was moving there too. A short time after realizing they lived very close to each other they began to hangout again, but this time it was more frequent. They both were nervous to give in to each other until one night they went to a concert together and had the time of their lives. That night they both put their walls down and fell in love in a matter of hours. From that day forward they realized they couldn’t live without the other. Gabe took Samantha to her favorite place, Cape Hatteras National Seashore and asked her to be his wife with me their to document the glorious event.  January 6th, 2018 these two sweet soulmates will tie the knot. Please scroll down for a few beautiful frames of their sweet proposal.


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