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Pray for Maizie Faith, Avon Fishing Pier, Family Portraits, Hatteras Island, North Carolina.

Meet Maizie Faith, the 3-legged 9 year old Irish Setter and her family. Maizie has been a part of the Law family since she was a baby. She has a mom and dad, two human brothers Jordan (23) and Andrew (21), and a fur sister named Maddie Grace.

Maizie was diagnosed 14 months ago with bone cancer in her leg and had to have it amputated and she went through chemo. She has been such a fighter and a trooper, full of energy and typical Setter antics. Last month she was diagnosed with a metastasis in her lung (which is typical with osteosarcoma). The vets at NC State gave her two months to live. The Law family continues to fight alongside Maizie with oral chemo, Chinese Herbs, acupuncture, home cooked food with no carbs and Hemp oil. The holistic vets seem to disagree with the 2 month diagnosis due to the fact that she is still so full of life.

During our session on June 12, 2017 Maizie seemed pretty normal and full of energy. When she became tired she would lay down for a bit.  I held back the tears as I watched her run and play from behind the lens. Please join the Law family in praying for Maizie and anyone else fighting this horrible disease. Scroll down for a few sweet frames of my evening with Maizie Faith and her family.



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