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Mermania: Mermaids, Pirates and Sirens Oh My!


The weekend of January 20, 2017 my daughter and I traveled to Greensboro Aquatic Center in Greensboro, North Carolina, for the second annual Mermania. Merfolk gathered for a family fun weekend of living out the ancient legends of mermaids. The mythological half-human, half-animal legend has captured human imagination for ages.

Hundreds of men and woman and children dressed up for the watery event. Some enthusiasts dressed in custom made tails from the Mertailor, Eric Ducharme. Mertailor, the creators of real, swimable mermaid tails! Making realistic mermaid tails for kids and adults.

Attendees were able to participate in a Hosted Diversity Panel, Expert Panel Merwrangling Workshop, Water Safety Workshop and a Underwater Posing Workshop, and Craft Swap. Saturday evening guests were encouraged to dress up and attend the “Fathoms Below” Ball sponsored by the Mertailor, and the Mixer and dinner sponsored by Finfolk Productions. The weekend event was for die-hard merfolk. Some even spending thousands of dollars on their colorful real life fish scale tails.

The attendance to this years Mermania tripled to four hundred or more mermaids.  Special guests included Philo Barnhart, animator of Disney’s Little Mermaid, Rescue Sirens authors Jessica Steele Sanders and Chris Sanders and Kariel (internationally known mermaid).

A complete list of all Mermania sponsors and vendors can be found at the following link www.ncmermania.com. Stay tuned to their website for location and dates for Mermania 2018! Scroll down for a few fun frames of my weekend at the 2017 Mermania.


5 thoughts on “Mermania: Mermaids, Pirates and Sirens Oh My!

  1. Hi Lara,

    Thank you for your message. I just emailed you to the email address associated with your comment. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Thank you, Jenni

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