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Hatteras Island Proposal Post Hurricane Matthew

October 11, 2016, three days after Hurricane Matthew, I photographed Steven’s Hatteras Island sunset proposal to Crystal. Steven and I had been planning and communicating for weeks regarding the session. Hurricane Matthew threw us a curve ball. Steven and Crystal made it to Hatteras Island Friday evening before Matthew hit. They thought the storm was to go around us as well as Dare County. The county did not evacuate visitors of Hatteras Island due to the downgrade of the Hurricane to what was thought to be a Tropical Storm.

Needless to say they rode out the hurricane and woke up to their house shaking and water almost to their first level of their home. During Hurricane Matthew, Steven and I agreed it was best to change the date from the 10th to the 11th. We originally planned to meet at the Old Lighthouse Beach in Buxton. Steven had an elaborate plan to line the beach path with candlelit bags and a candlelit heart on the beach. Unfortunately the wind did not cooperate for the candle lit bags. He decided to propose outside of their beach home in Avon.

When I arrived Crystal was on her way to the house with a friend. She had no idea Steven was planning to propose. Steven waited at the top of the boardwalk as I waited in the driveway. He prepared the sweetest video for Crystal to watch in the driveway when she arrived. He placed her white rain boots on the steps for her to put on to walk to him on the beach. We had to walk through a path of water under their home, to get to the flooded boardwalk path, to reach higher ground to the dunes. Steven lined the boardwalk path with the bags although the candles would not stay lit due to the wind.  When Crystal came over the dune Steven was standing there smiling. Steven then went down on one knee and proposed. She said yes!!!

Crystal and Steven started dating in February 2015.  They were introduced by Steven’s sister, Siobhan. Both married previously and had come out of marriages they were not happy in.  After spending some time discovering one another they started dating.  They had an amazing first date.  Steven remembers Crystal wearing a beautiful black dress outlined in pink. It had just snowed and Steven had to help her over the mounds of snow on the side of the road.  He knew right then he was in trouble.  She stunned him with her beauty.  Her eyes captured him immediately.  They started dating and fell in love.  They have had ups and downs like any couple, but soon realized they could not be without one another.

Steven and Crystal like to do spontaneous things together.  Like drive to the beach at 11pm and stay out all night for no reason at all.  They have gone on trips to Mexico and Florida and love vacationing together.  Crystal is a Registered Nurse and working on her Nurse Practitioner License which she will finish next year.  Steven is a flight paramedic and runs a small ambulance company and is working on a Doctorates degree in Public Administration. They play soccer together on an adult league and love Virginia Beach and Busch Gardens.  They  currently reside in Prince George, VA.They have a total of four beautiful kids combined ages 2-8.  They are a blended family and love it!

The couples wardrobe combination with the Hatteras Island sunset skyline made for a picturesque evening for a proposal! Please scroll down for a few frames of Stevens romantic island proposal to Crystal!

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