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Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew on Hatteras Island

Today, October 10, 2016 the local islanders woke up to the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. Still a ton of water and flooding on the island. A bunch of trees down and debris across the road from Pamlico sound flooding.  I drove around Avon Village and down Route 12 early afternoon. As I reached the Cape Hatteras Motel’s in Buxton the road was washing over from the tide. As if we did not get hit enough the past few days with flooding, it was not what the locals wanted to see as they were cleaning up from the hurricane.

I drove over to the Old Lighthouse Beach to check the surf. Hurricane Matthew may have left his mark on Hatteras Island, but he can’t take away the passion from the die hard Fisherman. Today was a good day to go fishing even the birds thought so. The waves at the First Jetty were large and in charge. I did not venture to far south on the island. The damage to Hatteras Village is pretty devastating from what I have heard and seen in local residents photos.

Tonight we were blessed with a gorgeous sunset. It has been a long few days for everyone here on the island. I am thankful for minimal damage to our home during Hurricane Matthew. My heart and prayers go out to all the local families who had damage to their home and business’ and may be looking at a long road to recovery. Please scroll down for a few devastating frames of Hatteras Island a day after Hurricane Matthew.


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