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Hurricane Matthew Hammers Hatteras Island.

October 8, 2016 Hurricane Matthew arrived to Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Although October eighth was not bad with flooding and high winds. Early morning October ninth the winds started blowing 80-100 mph on the Outer Banks. My daughter and I were awoken by our home shaking and the wind howling at the windows. The wind was so intense my window blinds were blowing from the inside with the windows closed.

Hatteras Island was hammered early morning and lost power October ninth. Hurricane Matthew was to curve and head out to sea before hitting the Outer Banks of North Carolina, according to the forecast.  Unfortunately it went right over us. Historic rain fall and flooding on the Outer Banks and 60-80 mph sustained winds over the last twenty four hours. The Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative had most of the island back and running within seven to eight hours of the outage today. We are thankful for the Dare county CHEMC employees. To keep residents of Dare county safe, a county wide curfew has been issued, from 7pm this evening to 7am tomorrow morning. Dare county schools are closed tomorrow, October 10th.

I was to photograph a wedding in Nags Head this afternoon. I was not going to make it out of my street let alone up Route 12. Bonner Bridge at Oregon Inlet was closed due to the sketchy weather conditions. Last I heard they were still planning to have the wedding despite all the flooding and torrential rain in the Outer Banks.  Stay safe everyone its wicked outside.  I imagine cleanup will be intense over the next few days for the entire Outer Banks. Scroll down for a few frames of Hurricane Matthew hammering Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

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