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Refugee Raft found offshore Hatteras Island, NC.

On September 28, 2016 a refugee raft was found offshore of Hatteras Island. This morning when I dropped my daughter off at school, the refugee raft was sitting out front of her school on a tow truck. Cape Hatteras Secondary School students are able to study and learn about the refugee raft. While I was taking photos, several classes came out to learn and observe the raft, assumed to be from Cuba.

During this season of political bullshit, it is hard to remember that we are all humans on this earth searching for the same thing, FREEDOM. As our country argues about Trump and Hillary and are side tracked by the propaganda system in the United States, others are struggling to survive and find the FREEDOM, we all enjoy on the daily. There is a price to pay for FREEDOM it should not be taken for granted.

The story of desperation and faith the raft tells, just in observation is enough to humble me. An old diesel automobile motor, tied together with clothing and materials, no modern day captain would ever head to sea with. Styrofoam, heavy wood and a large rusty metal frame, holding the raft afloat. The passengers on the boat were surviving on canned sardines, Cuban bottled water, Brazilian hot dogs, a few fresh oysters, some hard candy and other items I could not fully identify. A machete hidden along the side of the raft and a bunch of random items and tools, served some purpose on their journey. Everything is still intact and shows no sign of capsizing.

Today I have a different view and perspective of the world we live in. The puppet show of politics can often separate us as individuals. Stay humble America, you may be living a life that others can only dream of.  We need to all reunite as human beings and help one another. No one should be living in poverty or struggling to survive in fear and desperation. A terrible reality, easily forgotten in this segregated, materialistic world we live in today. The story of this hand crafted escape raft may always be a mystery. What we can learn from the struggles of the refugees on the raft is priceless. Please scroll down for a few frames of the offshore refugee raft found on Hatteras Island, NC.


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