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Family Vacation 2016, Avon, Hatteras Island

August 11, 2016 I met the Bailey and Alexander family at their sound side Avon beach home. The two beautiful mommy’s photographed below, Lacy and Megan are high school friends. Lacy contacted me a few weeks ago to schedule a family session to surprise Megan and her family. Megan and Lacy met sophomore year of high school and have been  best friends since.  Lacy said “they are kind of an odd pair of personalities, quiet and crazy, yin and yang, but have always balanced one another out and brought out the best in the other.”

They were roommates in college, and then continued to live with one another for three more years. As they found the men of their dreams whom they married.  They were each others Maid of Honor and now Godparents to their children.  They have only managed a couple vacations away together with their families over the years. The last one was five years ago so this trip was a big deal.  They hope their Hatteras Island vacation this year, starts a yearly tradition and their children grow up with fond memories of the summer time fun together.

We all drove to the beach across the street for our session. As we were walking up the boardwalk to the beach, the three little girls were so cute together I started shooting before we made it to the beach. We had some fun on the beach and in the ocean as the sun set behind the dunes! It is really neat to see Lacy and Megan’s children following in their footsteps, starting their friendships with one another early in life.

All the children were so much fun to photograph. We had a perfect island evening with a beautiful cloudy sky and even a sliver of the moon was present. Please scroll down for more then a few frames with the Bailey and Alexander families in Avon. Allow the images time to load, there are more then usual.


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