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Avon, Hatteras Island, NC, Family Vacation 2016.

August 10, 2016 was pretty amazing.  I was fortunate enough to witness and capture the sunrise and sunset during my family portrait sessions on the island. I met the Epps family from Pennsylvania, at their ocean front home in Avon, NC.  We started our session with a few images on the front steps of their beach home. We all traveled up the boardwalk over the dune to the beach. As we were walking I found myself stopping to capture these two brother’s Nicholas and Sawyer and all their cuteness! It was really heart warming capturing all the love these two boys have for one another and their family.

As we started our session the clouds were so large and looked as if they were floating above us in mid air. As we finished up our session on the beach in Avon, the sky turned vibrant colors as the sunshine faded and the moon came out! The family asked me to take a photo of them from the top deck of their beach home at the end of our session. It was a great idea to see the entire skyline from above!

Every season that passes I become more and more thankful for the career I have chosen.  I am blessed to meet all the wonderful people I get to witness the sublime OBX backdrops with along the way. Please scroll down for a few frames of my enjoyable evening with the Epps family during their Hatteras Island Vacation.

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