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New York Pizza Pub, The Goblins and Zack Mexico.

Saturday July 23, 2016 I was invited to document another epic concert at New York Pizza Pub in Nags Head, OBX, North Carolina. The Goblins opened for Zack Mexico. The Goblins are a three piece primitive Rock N’ Roll band with a touch of bluesy garage rock. The trio consists of Jacob Richardson on drums, Blake Durham on bass and my good friend Barry Wells on guitar.

The Goblins came together in late fall/early winter of 2015. After Wells band, “Jayne Doe,” came to an end due to breakup between female drummer and Wells. During which time Durham was in a band, “Clayton County Murtuary Club” with his good friend Logan Skinner.  After the breakup of “Jayne Doe”, Durham and Wells were forced to create a band called “Blurky’s Quirky Friends,” under the impression they would not have a drummer. Prior to “Jayne Doe’s” breakup, they were all working on a short lived courting project together “Sister Be.” When they discovered they enjoyed one another’s writing style and harmonizing together.

As “Blurky’s Quirky Friends” evolved they desired a drummer and decided to call upon Jacob Richardson. Wells had known Richardson from “Frozen Head and the Squirrels”, a rad cover band who played any and every genre of music. The band consisted of Broughton Aycock, the mastermind, bass player Stephan Carbocci and Jacob Richardson. Richardson had the skills they needed for a drummer. Time to practice together was their obstacle. Richardson still plays with Aycock regularly.

Once the desolate offseason hit the trio was on board to work together. Durham and Wells wanted to return to Rock and Roll. Richardson was interested in creating more original music. At that point they were “leftovers from the past.” “Jayne Doe” actually began years ago with one of their first shows opening up for “Frozen Head” at Chili Peppers, OBX, in Decmeber of 2013. “Jayne Doe” was then invited to play with “Frozen Head” in Greenville at The Rat and Slug House. Where “Jayne Doe” met “Clayton County Murtuary Club.” This is where the beginning of Durham and Wells relationship started and the rest is history.

The trio has now had a year and a half together and are writing songs from scratch. They are working towards recording and releasing a full length album by the end of 2016. For now you can find a few of their songs on Soundcloud under Anafrog Studios. Anafrog studios is Wells garage home studio located in Rodanthe, Hatteras Island, North Carolina. Wells and Durham co-write lyrics. Usually whoever has the lead vocals is who wrote the song. Richardson is the glue as he helps with the dynamics and arrangement of the chords and lyrics. Richardson has an extensive history in percussion in high school and in Boone, North Carolina. He is the closest to a “trained musician.”

Opening up for Zack Mexico was the culmination of everything they have been working towards as an original band. Although, they  had played together  with “Zack Mexico” in Greenville this past March at Spazzfest. Richardson went to high school with some of the members. Richardson representing a new original band with his high school buds was definitely a pinnacle in his life. All of the members of both bands are good friends. Wells stated “The opportunity to play with one another in front of such a stellar crowd was a defining moment for The Goblins. We definitely turned some heads and this is only the beginning.”  For more information on The Goblins upcoming shows check out their facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/The-Goblins-822362231225207/?fref=ts

Zack Mexico is a ferocious Psychedelic POP /Indie Rock band whose original songs are a collaboration of the technical prowess of multi-instrumentalist band members and their visceral love affair with creating music. In 2011 the North Carolina based Experimental Rock band Zack Mexico was formed in Kill Devil Hills by John Saturley, Jamie Brumbeloe, Joey LaFountaine and TJ Harrington. Sharing common interests and their passion for creating music; Matt Wentz joined Zack Mexico in 2012,  Stephen Brown  in 2014 and Ed Tupper in 2016. Josh Martier of The Tills sometimes joins them for live shows as well. With two outstanding drummers, Joey LaFountaine and Josh Martier, Zack Mexico emerge from a slim and moving line of sand in the open Atlantic proving they are a force that can make some noise.  Richardson joined them for the triple drum set-up at New York Pizza Pub. Please check out their website for more information on upcoming shows http://zackmexico.com

The New York Pizza Pub was a neat venue to photograph. The stage lights added some fun color and special effects to the images! Please scroll down for a few frames of my epic evening in Nags Head with The Goblins opening up for Zack Mexico.


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