Hatteras Island’s True Love Story, Brigands’ Bay, Frisco, NC, Wedding.

On July 17th, 2016 I met Dave and Jan at their home in the Brigands’ Bay community of Frisco, North Carolina to photograph their afternoon wedding. It was one of the hotter day’s we have had on the island this summer. Their friends and family traveled from near and far to celebrate Dave and Jan’s fairy tale ending to their true love story.

Dave and Jan first met way back in 1971 when their respective families were vacationing in Buxton. Dave was from Virginia, and Jan was from Pennsylvania. They decided to write during the year that followed as facebook and cell phones were a thing of the future.  They dated during the summer of 1972. After vacation, Jan went back to Pennsylvania to finish high school and go on to college. Dave’s family decided to buy the Cape Hatteras Court. What is now known as the Cape Hatteras Motel’s  and he stayed on to assist them and ultimately bought the motel from them. Dave has worked at the Cape Hatteras Motel for his entire adult life.

In the ensuing years, life went on as it often does, both Dave and Jan lost contact and  married other people and had families.  Jan’s parents retired to the island. Her Dad passed away in 2011 and her Mom’s health began to decline shortly thereafter. In the fall of 2015 she decided to take early retirement to attend to her Mom’s needs, and during that time she and Dave reconnected. She moved to Buxton in February 2015 and began working at the motel in April. They now run the Cape Hatteras Motel together as a team and are looking forward to this very important next chapter in their lives!

Some of the wonderful Hatteras Island Wedding Vendors that made their day possible include,  Floral Creations for the gorgeous flowers, Jessie Taylor for the lovely music, Bonnie Williams with Hatteras Island Wedding Ministries, Donna at Cake Hatteras for their amazing lighthouse cake, Jewels by the Sea for their rings,  Lee Robinson’s for the wine, Sandbar and Grille and Hatteras Sol for pre-wedding fun, Hatteras Harbor for the fresh shrimp, Git ‘Er Done for the delicious BBQ. Please scroll down for a few frames of my afternoon in Brigands’ Bay with Mr and Mrs Dawson.


2 thoughts on “Hatteras Island’s True Love Story, Brigands’ Bay, Frisco, NC, Wedding.

  1. Thank you Jan for the lovely compliment. I had a wonderful time with you and Dave and couldn’t be happier for you.

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