Senior Portraits · Sunset

Hatteras Village, Hatteras Island Senior Sunset Portraits.

July 10, 2016 I had the most wonderful evening with gorgeous Jillian and her family during her senior portrait session in Hatteras Village. Jillian’s family travels to Hatteras annually from New York. They have been staying in the same house in Hatteras for 11 years now.  Jillian and her sister Adrienne feel as though they have pretty much grown up during the summer’s on the island!  Jillian wanted to capture her senior session here on the island. Even though she currently lives in New York, she feels at home here!

Our session started as the sun was about to set. The wind was blowing slightly.  There was one pink cloud over the ocean!  I knew it would only be in the sky for a few short minutes as the sun was setting behind me. Jillian is a dancer in New York. I wanted to capture her dance moves along the Hatteras Island skyline! As our session came to an end the moon popped out so we stuck around for a few more shots at dark.

As we were walking back to their beach home, her family invited me for a glass of wine. It is not to often that I am invited for a few drinks and conversation. I could not pass it up since I had such a wonderful time with them during our session. It is wonderful getting to know my clients whom have the same appreciation for the island as I do. Please scroll down for a few frames of my sunset senior session with Jillian and her family.


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