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Outer Banks Fishing Pier, Family Portraits at Sunset.

Last week I photographed  Ethan and Devin and their family and friends.  These two cuties were the most loving brother and sister duo! It was so sweet watching their love for one another play out on camera! We met at the Outer Banks Fishing Pier and started our session with a pastel skyline. There were a bunch of fisherman on the pier. Fish Heads Restaurant on the Pier was busy as well. At the end of our session they had some fun rolling down the hill together and chasing seagulls!

All the adults in the images have been friends for almost 25 years! They visit the Outer Banks annually to catch up and have some fun with one another. I went to high school and was a lifeguard in Maryland with Jamie and Abby, the two beautiful ladies in the frames below. It was great to see them both on the Outer Banks after so many years!

Abby and her husband Brad own and operate First Flight Adventure Park in Nags Head, OBX, NC. They just opened their new location in Corolla. My daughter and I spent a day last summer at the Nags Head First Flight Adventure Park on Pamlico Sound. I highly recommend you check it out! It is a fun time for the entire family.

Please scroll down for a few frames of my sunset session at the Outer Banks Fishing Pier!




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