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Kitty Hawk Kites Mermaid School at the Sanderling Resort in Duck, NC.

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a real live Mermaid. My daughter has wanted to be a Mermaid for the past few years! Today my daughter and I attended the first Mermaid lesson at Kitty Hawk Kite’s Mermaid School at the Sanderling Resort in Duck, North Carolina. The little Mermaids had several color and size Mermaid tail and fin options to choose from. The class started with the fitting of the Mermaid tail to each student.  Followed by some stretching, a swim test and some practice Mermaid kicking with kick boards. Then the students were given a tail to wear for the rest of their lesson.

Once the little Mermaids learned how to swim safely and correctly in their Mermaid tails the fun began! From hula hoop diving, tail smacking, head stands, and mermaid posing to Marco Polo and Mermaid racing.  At the end of their Mermaid lesson the  little Mermaids were taught how to care for the Mermaid tails. They were all given a certificate of completion of mermaid training acknowledging their initiation into the world of Merfolk! Signed by the real live Mermaids!

The real live Mermaids teaching at the Mermaid school and photographed below include Brooke, Hannah and Kristin. Scott the Merman decided to join in the fun as well! They all made the lesson fun and highly enjoyable!  I highly recommend you visit the Mermaid school if you are visiting the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Wonderful family fun and an experience of a lifetime! Please check out the following link to Kitty Hawk Kite’s registration, for more information on booking your OBX Family Vacation Mermaid Lesson!

Please scroll down for a few frames of our amazing mythological mermaid experience with real live Merfolk!

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