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OBX Maternity Portraits at the Nags Head Fishing Pier and the Bodie Island Lighthouse at sunset.

Saturday May 21, 2016 I was blessed to work with Emily and John during their two year Anniversary and maternity portraits. John contacted me over a month ago to schedule their session. The couple lives in Illinois and traveled to the Outer Banks to celebrate their two year Anniversary. They plan on traveling to all 50 states over the next fifty years of marriage. They will have an Anniversary photo shoot at each state, hoping at their 50th Anniversary to have annually traveled to the entire United States! What a wonderful idea! Emily brought along a photo from their first Anniversary photo session to incorporate into their two year Anniversary. John and Emily are expecting their first son in August.

We met at the Nags Head Fishing Pier for the first part of our session. We were roughly 15 minutes from the Bodie Island Lighthouse so they followed me to the Lighthouse for the last part of their session as the sun was setting. Although, the entire week I was convinced the day would be rained out due to the weather forecast. The storms earlier in the day brought an awesome cloud coverage and standing water around the lighthouse. The most magical time on the Outer Banks is right before the sun rises or sets. The moon popped out of the clouds you can see it shining through in a few of the images below.

Please scroll down for a few frames of my OBX Materntiy/Anniversary session with Emily and John!

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