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Hatteras Island, Blue Marlin Tournament 2016.

This past Thursday, May 12, 2016, I was invited onto The Carolina Girl Charter Boat to photograph the day during the Hatteras Island Blue Marlin Tournament.  I arrived at the Hatteras Harbor Marina around 5am as all Captain’s and their mate’s were preparing their boats, tackle and rod’s for day two of the four day Blue Marlin tournament.  We joined the boat line out of Hatteras Inlet just as the sun was about to rise and we were on our way offshore.

The evening before there were some crazy storms that rolled through the island. The first two hours or so offshore we had a bumpy ride. You can see the waves coming over the side of the boat from the cabin window in the images below. This was my first time offshore and I was not sure what to expect. I did not prepare well for the seasickness I was about to endure. After 30 minutes or so once offshore the boat cabin started to fill up with a strong diesel fuel smell. Our local Captain and Owner of the Carolina Girl,  Jessie Anderson is amazing. She shut off the engine and went down in the engine room to replace the fuel filter! Thank goodness she was prepared with an extra filter! You may recognize her from the TV show Wicked Tuna.  For more information on booking  an offshore charter on the Carolina Girl please click on the following link

Between the strong smell of diesel fuel and the rocky start offshore, I was pretty seasick at this point. There was not to much action going on for a while. I was able to take a nap in the air conditioned cabin on the leather couch!  Thank goodness for AC! When I  would hear the reels going off and some yells from the Captain and mates, I jumped up with a camera as not to miss anything. Although, they did not catch a Blue Marlin, the Dolphin Fish caught and photographed below was pretty neat!  Garret Palmatier and Clint Knuth are the mates photographed below. I have a ton of respect for what these men do for a living. Long and hot days of hard work, the passion they both have for fishing is genuine!

Although there were not a ton of fish caught it was an experience of a lifetime I will never forget. I guess that is why they call it fishing and not catching. If they did everyone would be doing it! The sunrise from a boat offshore and the colors and clarity of the ocean water the farther offshore you go are sublime. I am looking forward to my next trip offshore.

I am not the best writer, I tell the best story through my images. Scroll down for a few frames of my experience offshore for the Blue Marlin Tournament.

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