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Local fisherman preparing their charter boats ready for 2016 tourism.

I have been documenting the sanding and painting progress on the (blue) Sea Bear Charter Boat and (red)  Hatteras Fever II Charter Boat. Captain Shaun Dunn was working hard the past few days, with his mate, photographed below. Shaun is the owner of Sea Bear Charters.  Gearing up for the 2016 tourist and charter season, entails sanding and freshly painting the boat.

I also had the honor of photographing  Captain Buddy Hooper, a local Hatteras Island Fishing Legend, in action painting his boat. Buddy is the owner of the Hatteras Fever II, photographed below. Buddy is a Hatteras Island native whom has been fishing the Gulf Stream since he was 8 years old. In 1969 he started mating part time. In 1973 achieving his Captain’s License. He went into business for himself building his own boats and running his own charters in 1976.  Starting with a 23 foot crab boat and 15 years and 7 boats later, ending up with the 54 ft lady in red below, Hatteras Fever II. He has been running charters out of the Hatteras Harbor since 1979 and still running charters today!

Captain Buddy Hooper is one man I would love to sit down and chat Hatteras History with. I would love to document his stories and local island fishing tales. Without the wisdom and knowledge of local legends such as Buddy, our future generations would not have the privilege of knowing and learning how the fishing industry began here on the island as well as all the changes along the way with the fishing regulations in the US that have affected the local fisherman directly. I was blessed to document Buddy the past couple day’s as he and his mate, Derrick Wood, sanded and painted Hatteras Fever.  Check out their website for more information

When you visit Cape Hatteras National Seashore it is worth observing the local fisherman on the beach, on the harbor or even to take a charter trip with one of the local fisherman on a charter boat!  Fisherman are hard core humans. I would think you would have to be pretty tough to endure long offshore day’s, bad weather, hard work, and dangerous working conditions. Although the rewards are priceless.  I have been spending more time getting to know some of the local fisherman and am thankful for all I have learned so far. Please check out a few frames below of the local fisherman getting ready for the 2016 tourist season. (Support your local fishery).

Day three, photographed below, of the boat sanding and painting process entailed the Sea Bear Charter Lettering. Provided by Jennifer and Curtis Cromwell, owners of Hatteras Island Vinyl Graphics. A locally owner and operated family business here on the island. The children were out on spring break, so they joined their mom and dad at work and had a little fun to! It is really neat to live in a place where local family run business is still a thing and everyone works together to help one another out with their trades. Contact the Cromwell’s  for all your vinyl needs (252)-489-8215 ; boat lettering, signs, t-shirts, custom stickers, wall art, and vehicle advertising.

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