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Ground breaking ceremony for the new Herbert C. Bonner Bridge. Today March 8, 2016 history was made in Dare County, North Carolina.

Today March 8, 2016 goes down in history here in Dare County, North Carolina, the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge groundbreaking ceremony. It was an honor and a privilege to attend history in the making. People from all over the Outer Banks and Hatteras Island came to attend the monumental event.

A contract was recently awarded to  PCL Constructors Inc. and HDR Engineering Inc., both local to the Carolina’s. To build a bridge spanning the 3 1/2 miles over Oregon Inlet. Construction for the new bridge is to being sometime this month.

The Governor stated today, Dare County NC is responsible for 80% of NC state revenue. Today all the local islander’s, tourists and visitors of Hatteras Island, OBX have something to celebrate. As a resident and home owner and small business owner of Hatteras Island, North Carolina. I can not put into words as to how grateful I am for all the people whom continued to write letters and call the congressman and never gave up on the new bridge project!

Thanks to Governor Pat McCrory, the 20 year long vision is finally put into motion today! The US House of Representatives 3rd District member, Walter B. Jones, Jr., Chairman of Dare County Board of Commissioners, Robert Woodard, Secretary of the Department of Transportation, Nicholas J. Tennyson and Malcolm Fearing also spoke and attended today’s event. Within three years the new Bonner Bridge will be built. Running West of where the bridge is currently, through Oregon Inlet. The new agreement entails building two additional new bridges. The permanent bridge where the make shift/ lego bridge is currently, south of Pea Island Visitor Center. As well as a bridge around Merlot beach in Rodanthe, around to the emergency ferry docks. There is no telling what exactly the new construction will bring as far as change to the island. I am excited to see the evolution of tourism to the Outer Banks of North Carolina after the new bridges are complete.

During today’s ceremony there was an airplane banner flying continuously over the ceremony in a circle that read “OIL DRILLING IS BAD FOR BUSINESS. NOTTHEANSWERNC.ORG.” I found it to be interesting with the Congress representatives below reading as it circled. Queen Elizabeth of the Lost Colony in Manteo, NC was asked to attend the ceremony as well. She helped “break ground” today as well as a few other politicians and officials. They took yellow handled gold shovels and threw a bunch of sand to show they were “breaking ground” for the new bridge. Please see the frames below documenting the new Bonner Bridge groundbreaking ceremony.

2 thoughts on “Ground breaking ceremony for the new Herbert C. Bonner Bridge. Today March 8, 2016 history was made in Dare County, North Carolina.

  1. They are contracted to build two new bridges in order to have the new Bonner Bridge built. Hopefully through litigation and time that can be mended. I think that if they re-navigate around Rodanthe, tourism in Rodanthe will suffer. Not to mention the ecological issues that can come from building new bridges.

  2. So that bridge to Rodanthe is going to be built? Interesting, I thought that was just talk..

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