OBX Events

First Flight Adventure Park, Outer Banks (OBX), North Carolina



Planning your OBX family vacation, wedding, or event?  The First Flight Adventure Park is a great place to celebrate with family, friends and loved ones. Opening for the season March 2016!

Abby and Brad Carey are the owner’s of the First Flight Adventure Park. I worked with Abby at the Westminster Riding Club as a lifeguard years ago. The world get’s a little smaller when you move to the Outer Banks. It’s exciting to know another OBX female entrepreneur from the town I grew up, Westminster, MD.  I remember hearing about the park before it was built! I was so happy for Abby to hear of the upcoming park. The park opened May of 2014. According to firstflightadventurepark.com,  “The one of a kind hurricane themed course, designed by Challenge Design Innovations with help from Wicked Oceans, has 42 obstacles and 6 zip lines, which will be sure to entertain everyone in your family from ages 6+. Platforms and obstacles are 12-50 feet high. You’ll find materials such as cables, rope, wood, buoys, barrels and much more that make up bridges and obstacles for traversing thru the course.”

“The Aerial Adventure Park contains platforms that range from 12 feet to 50 feet high. Climbers take the action into their own hands by choosing to go on easy, intermediate, or advanced courses. The easiest of the courses begin with Tropical Storm, and then span through Categories 1-5 with Category 5 being the most difficult. The course is shaped to resemble outer bands of a hurricane, branching out from the central tower which resembles the eye of the Hurricane. There are 6 courses total which consist of 7 obstacles each. The obstacles are designed around a maritime theme using ropes, cables, wood, barrels, stir-ups, a hammock and more. The higher up the central spiral staircase you go, the more difficult the obstacles become. At the end of each course there is a short zip back to the central tower. Have no fear, climbers will be in a harness and attached to a safety device while completing each obstacle, at all times. Typically climbers will complete 3-4 courses (21-28 obstacles) during the 2 hour climb. Guides provide supervision and take care of the climbers to make sure they stay safe. FFAP is the only Aerial Adventure Park on the Outer Banks, overlooking the Albemarle Sound.” firstflightadventurepark.com. Check out their website for more details regarding the adventure park!

My daughter and I enjoyed the adventure park this summer. My daughter proving to be braver then me when it comes to the higher more advanced platforms. See a few frames below of our fun family adventure on the sound!



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